What is a Surety Bond?

When you are inquiring about bail bonds in Jefferson County, Colorado, you have probably heard the term “surety bond” and wondered what it meant. As a trusted bail bond company in Colorado, we want to help you understand this type of bond.Bail Bonds Jefferson County Colorado

If a person cannot pay the entire bail amount that a judge set, people will turn to a bail bond company and pay them a percentage of the amount. The bail bond company keeps this payment and puts up the rest of the amount to ensure the person’s release.

A surety bond refers to any type of bail at acts as an insurance, so the inmate that was released will return to court for either a trial or hearings. It is a contract between the person arrested, the court, and the bondsman. When the person shows up to court, and the case is closed, then the court will repay the bail bond company.

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