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What is a Surety Bond?

When you are inquiring about bail bonds in Jefferson County, Colorado, you have probably heard the term “surety bond” and wondered what it meant. As a trusted bail bond company in Colorado, we want to help you understand this type of bond.Bail Bonds Jefferson County Colorado

If a person cannot pay the entire bail amount that a judge set, people will turn to a bail bond company and pay them a percentage of the amount. The bail bond company keeps this payment and puts up the rest of the amount to ensure the person’s release.

A surety bond refers to any type of bail at acts as an insurance, so the inmate that was released will return to court for either a trial or hearings. It is a contract between the person arrested, the court, and the bondsman. When the person shows up to court, and the case is closed, then the court will repay the bail bond company.

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What to Do When Released from Jail on a Bail Bond

When you or a relative are bailed out of jail, certain conditions must be agreed to before the release. Every case is different, so you might have different conditions of release than the next person. Discover what you should do once you have been released from jail because of a bail bond.Bail Bonds Jefferson County Colorado

Follow All Laws

Once you have been bailed out of jail and you are currently waiting on your day in court, you should be following all the laws. Whether you are driving a vehicle or walking down the street, you should obey every law because you do not need to break the condition of your release.

Stay Within the County

Travel is not the best idea when you have been released on a bail bond. You should stay close to home in case something happens with your court date because it sometimes can be moved up to a closer date.

Avoid Certain People

If you were arrested for domestic violence or battery, part of your conditions for release might include keeping your distance from a specific person.

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How Do Property Bonds Work?

When a loved one is hauled away in a police cruiser, your mind is running through a million different things. It is vital that you take action right away and begin securing a bail bond to bring them home as quickly as possible. Discover why people are turning to property bonds to bring their family members home below.
Bail Bonds Jefferson County Colorado

Use Property as Collateral

When securing a bail bond, people often choose to use their home or property as collateral because most bail bond companies accept other assets other than cash. At ABC Bail Bonds, we want to help our clients any way possible, which is why we are proud to offer property bonds. It is important to remember that the value of the property has to be higher than the bail bond.


If you are interested in a property bond to help a loved one get out of jail sooner, then you will need to have some vital documents on hand to provide the bail bond company. First, you will need to bring the title of the home or property. All the names listed on the deed have to be aware of the property bond.

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