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What’s an ROR?

If this is your first time being arrested or it is a relative’s first time, there is a chance that they could qualify for an ROR (Release on Own Recognizance). Not everyone can be granted this, but sometimes a judge will allow this. Discover what an ROR is and the benefits of it below.Bail Bonds Denver CO


In order to qualify for an ROR, you or the person sitting behind bars must be a first-time offender and charged with a non-violent crime. These two pieces are essential for qualifying for an ROR, but there are other factors like employment, background check, and family.


Not everyone who is granted an ROR receives this, but sometimes a judge will allow the person to be released without paying any bail money.

If you are released because of own recognizance, you are still required to show up for your next court date or hearing. It is crucial that you appear for all upcoming things that involve your arrest.

If you find out you were denied Release on Own Recognizance, please give our experienced staff a call at (303) 571-0385, and we will help you with bail bonds in Denver, CO, so you can go home.

Why We are Open 24/7

Here at ABC Bail Bonds, we are always available for our clients because we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You might be wondering why our bail bond company is open all the time. Take a look below to discover why we are open 24/7.Bail Bond Weld County CO

Clients Come First

From answering your bail bond questions to helping you secure a bail bond at the last minute for your relative, you can always count on ABC Bail Bonds to be there for your family. We are proud to put your needs first by helping you and your family through this emotional time.

Arrested at Anytime

Since anyone can be arrested at any time, we want you to be able to reach out to a trusted bail bond company to secure their release 24/7. People are eligible for bail at different times, and we understand that you want to bring them home as quickly as possible instead of waiting until the next business day.

If you ever find yourself in need of a bail bond company to help you secure a bond for someone, you can turn to us regardless of the time. Call us at (303) 571-0385 when you need a bail bond in Weld County, CO.

What to Do When Released from Jail on a Bail Bond

When you or a relative are bailed out of jail, certain conditions must be agreed to before the release. Every case is different, so you might have different conditions of release than the next person. Discover what you should do once you have been released from jail because of a bail bond.Bail Bonds Jefferson County Colorado

Follow All Laws

Once you have been bailed out of jail and you are currently waiting on your day in court, you should be following all the laws. Whether you are driving a vehicle or walking down the street, you should obey every law because you do not need to break the condition of your release.

Stay Within the County

Travel is not the best idea when you have been released on a bail bond. You should stay close to home in case something happens with your court date because it sometimes can be moved up to a closer date.

Avoid Certain People

If you were arrested for domestic violence or battery, part of your conditions for release might include keeping your distance from a specific person.

Connect with our staff at (303) 571-0385 if you want to learn more about the things you should do after you have been released because of bail bonds in Jefferson County, Colorado.

3 Steps to Getting a Loved One Out of Jail

The moment a family member is taken into custody and placed in the back of a police cruiser, your mind is racing with things you need to do to bail them out. The booking process can take some time, but once a judge determines the bail amount, you can begin working on their release with help from a bondsman in Arapahoe County, Colorado. Discover the three steps below that you need to take.Bondsman Arapahoe County Colorado

1st Step

To ensure the process goes smoothly and efficiently, you should have all the information that is needed ahead of time. You should know the amount the bail is set at and which jail the person is currently being held.

2nd Step

Reaching out to a trusted bail bond company is the second step to getting your loved one out of jail. If you are unsure which type of bail bond is right for the situation, you can ask for additional details about the different types of bail bonds. Our knowledgeable team is always ready to answer your questions, when you do not understand something.

3rd Step

The final step is when the bail bond is submitted to the courts, and your loved one can finally come home.

Inquire about bail bonds when you call us at (303) 571-0385 today.